FREE: Newly Registered Domain List

It is becoming common practice to block NRDs for an amount of time especially on enterprise networks because NRDs are often used in the process of spreading and controlling malicious software, phishing attacks and other generally unsavoury behaviour.

We are hosting a free service that compiles a list of domains that were recently registered, in formats compatible with most adblockers, DNS resolvers or operating systems.

The lists are refreshed daily, and you can download a list that will block newly registered domains for 7 or 32 days, depending on how paranoid you are.

Check it out at

It’s probably worth saying that not all NRDs are dangerous so you could end up penalising good domains temporarily, but by the time a domain is known to be associated with malicious activity, the campaign could already be well underway or even finished.

If you’re looking for a ready-to-go fully automated security service, we’ve got you covered – check out Umbra Secure DNS. It has the data from this list and plenty more, without the need to run your own DNS server or filter.

Introducing Umbra Secure DNS