We’ve Got Free Online Security Services

We have acquired threat-list.com and nrd-list.com as part of our online security offering, and will continue to operate these are free to use services for everyone – whether you’re a person, a business or a public body.

For the last year, we have partnered with these two services in providing threat intelligence data collected from the edge of our network, to help everybody improve the security of their networks and devices. We have now acquired these services and will be offering more comprehensive datasets and more frequent updates for the same price – absolutely nothing! 

Anyone already using the service doesn’t need to do anything; all the download links are the same and the data will be presented in the same format.

As this article is written we are serving around 50GB per day to users and devices all over the world, and we hope to substantially increase this over the coming months with an awareness campaign starting in June. We believe that internet security is important and should be freely available for those who want it. The data we serve can be used with many free and paid DNS, ad-blocking and security platforms, and we’ll be producing some guides on how to get started with these soon.

It is becoming common to use threat intelligence data to prevent traffic from suspected and known compromised servers, services, IPs and networks from being able to access or influence personal or business assets. We are hosting a set of DNS block lists that aim to improve your network or device security by preventing access to newly registered domains, emerging and ongoing threats, including malware distribution and control, phishing and spear-phishing, cryptojacking, the TOR network, spammers, scammers and known compromised servers, computers, IPs and networks.

There is also an IP list for direct use in firewalls and security devices which includes IPs and networks that are known to be malicious or compromised, including those used for internet, network and port scanning, brute-forcers, credential stuffers, DDoS attackers and other generally unsavoury behaviour.

The data the service provides comes from multiple sources, including production servers and networks we run, along with telemetry data from users of our products who kindly opt-in, plus a set of honeypots that we also operate for the purpose of collecting and understanding current and emerging threats. We also partner with other network and threat intelligence providers and include some of that data in our free lists too.

Want to take a look? Click here to check it out, or here to go straight to the downloads.

We’ve provided the datasets in multiple formats to hopefully get the best coverage possible, but we’re willing to support more if there is a legitimate community desire for it… let us know!

We also have a paid, ready-to-go, fully automated security service that uses these datasets and licensed data from other proprietary sources that doesn’t require running your own servers or deploying any software – check out Umbra Secure DNS.

FREE: Threat Intelligence Domain and IP Lists