Security Appliances

Our range of security appliances, from standalone devices to rack mounted systems.
Available in multiple configurations including transparent gateways and full network system controllers.


Storage Appliances

ZFS storage appliances for use as file servers, cache nodes for web and local applications and S3 compatible buckets. Available as single-node, multi-node, multi-site and cloud-backed.


Compute Appliances

High performance and high capacity compute appliances for running virtual machines and adding extra performance to your network security workloads.

Network in a Box

We can build and configure a full system and ship it to you for self installation. Configurations from single access point residential installs to full-building wired and wireless systems with networked storage and compute capacity for virtual machines and local services.

Every system comes pre-loaded with Umbra DNS and Umbra Gateway, with Umbra VPN being available as an add-on at any time. Installation support is available, or we can send an installation team to assist or fully complete the project.

All installed hardware can be locally managed by your own team, or we can offer a number of packages including remote configuration and management, maintenance and fully hands-off firmware and security updates.