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DNS block lists for newly registered domains and ongoing and emerging threats

Filters out bad actors like phishing, scams and malware

Give your DNS resolver or ad-blocker the power to protect your network from the very worst the internet has to offer.

Free for everyone, forever.

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This is a free to use service that hosts a set of DNS block lists that aim to improve your network or device security by preventing access to newly registered domains and emerging and ongoing threats, including malware distribution and control, phishing and spear-phishing, cryptojacking, the TOR network, spammers, scammers and known compromised servers, computers, IPs and networks.

You can use these lists in most popular adblock software and DNS servers, some firewall and security devices and directly in some operating systems.

We also have an IP list for direct use in firewalls and security devices which includes IPs and networks that are known to be malicious or compromised, including those used for internet, network and port scanning, brute-forcers, credential stuffers, DDoS attackers and other generally unsavoury behaviour.

It has become common to use threat intelligence data to prevent traffic from suspected and known compromised servers, services, IPs and networks from being able access or influence business assets. Enterprise and business aren’t the only entities that can benefit from this, though. Even as a home user we would advocate the use of security software, and a layered approach is always best.

This service is being offered free of charge to anyone that wants to use it, whether you’re a person, a business or a public body – you must accept that this service and the data that it provides is made available as-is and without warranty.

If you’re looking for a ready-to-go fully automated security service, check out Umbra Secure DNS. It has the data from these lists and plenty more from our partners, without the need to run your own DNS server or filter.