Umbra VPN

Protect individual endpoints, remote workers and personal devices

Easy to Deploy with your Existing MDM

Umbra VPN is device-native, which means there’s no special software to install – we use the device’s built-in VPN mechanisms to provide a seamless user experience.

Deployment is simple if you are already using an MDM platform, and we can provide scripts and profiles for manual installation for any unsupervised devices you may have.

Umbra VPN is great for organisations that have remote workers, or for anyone who wants to benefit from Umbra Secure DNS and Umbra Gateway but doesn’t have a static IP or suitable equipment.

Because Umbra VPN is device native, you don’t need to install any software or apps and there’s no risk of an OS update breaking the connection. You can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

If you need it, we can even assign you a static IP and allow port forwarding so you can use the VPN like a normal internet connection.

We currently offer three tiers;

  • Basic: £7 + VAT per month. 3Mb/s with a static IP. 1TB data allowance. Single device configuration.
  • Standard: £20 + VAT per month. 200Mb/s with a static IP. 2TB data allowance. Up to 10 device configurations.
  • Large: £25 + VAT per month. 200Mb/s with up to 6 static IPs. 5TB data allowance. Up to 25 device configurations.

The static IPs on the Large plan can be assigned to certain device configurations. For example, you could have everyone in your Finance department behind one IP, and everyone in your Marketing department behind another, allowing you to use firewall rules to control access to resources.