Introducing Clara Cloud Storage

Today we’re announcing the general availability of our Clara Cloud Storage service – built on Unix with ZFS, for reliability and scalability.

With support for Unix, Mac, Linux and Windows, we’re confident that we can provide a solution that’s compatible with your requirements.

Your storage is presented to you as a standard Unix filesystem, which you can do what you want with.

We support access via any SSH / SCP / SFTP compatible tool including SSHFS, rsync, borg, rclone restic and git-annex.

We can provide integration support and even a full backup platform design if you need it and you can use our geographically replicated product as a live filesystem to be directly mounted onto your desktop / laptop / workstation.

We can provide the tooling and support to back up your data that’s hosted using Clara Storage Applicances, Clara Compute Appliances, other storage systems and even other cloud providers. Unix, Mac and Linux systems can often be backed up with minimal configuration and no additional tools; you can even send data through a pipe over SSH so temporary storage isn’t needed at your end.

Every account gets one week of immutable daily snapshots for free and we don’t charge for ingress or egress. There are no usage or seat fees and the storage platform runs on a dedicated 10-gigabit network with IPv6 connectivity.

We’re in the process of publishing documentation and we’re always happy to help out, even if that means writing all the required commands for you, so you can just copy and paste them into your terminal.

Check out the product page here – all accounts get the first 7 days for free, to give you time for exploration, initial configuration and to get the support you need to get everything working how you’d like it and the service is provided on a rolling monthly subscription so you can leave any time.

Use solo to Prevent Multiple Instances of an Application Running at the Same Time