Clara Compute Appliance

High performance and high capacity compute appliances.

Robust Systems for Demanding Workloads

Virtual Machines, Docker and Bare Metal Containers – whatever your application is written in and however you deploy it, we’ll run it.

Our Clara Compute Appliances are available in multiple highly customisable configurations and can be supplied with a variety of operating systems.

Clara Compute Appliances are available in small-form-factor desktop units, floor-standing towers or rack-mounted systems, depending on where you’re installing and how much compute power you need. If you’re not sure what you need, or you’re looking to upgrade or replace an existing system or even just individual servers, get in touch and we’ll help.

We can also offer virtualisation services – modern hardware is so much more capable, so it’s possible to run multiple operating systems and server software installs on a single system (or cluster). We’ve got the skills to convert pretty much any old system or software to a virtual workload, meaning that you can get more out of your hardware and the physical space it exists in.

Depending on your needs, the systems can be fully managed and maintained by us (in which case, we use our own specialist software), or we can set the appliances up with an operating system or hypervisor of your choice for your own IT team to manage and maintain.

If you choose to use our software and services, our appliances can expose an API for the management of system images, virtual machine, container and application installs – giving you an interface that’s simple to use and automate if that’s your thing. If not, we can look after it all for you, so your IT systems just run smoothly in the background.

Our systems also have options for managed backups and off-site storage, powered by Clara Cloud Storage.

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