Fast and Reliable Business Broadband

We work with multiple infrastructure and data centre providers to provide you with fast, reliable and competitive broadband – almost anywhere.

Get connected to the internet almost anywhere

Every connection comes with our Umbra Secure DNS service, with more optional extras if your organisation needs them.

Depending on your location and the type of connection you need, we may be able to offer ADSL, VDSL, true fibre, ethernet, satellite or cellular. We can also offer point-to-point connections that directly connect physical sites together, and have agreements that allow us to provide transit into some cloud provider networks directly.

We’ve also got the ability to provide connections on mixed media, for the most reliable connection possible. This generally works by having a high-speed connection as your default (usually true fibre if it’s available where you are), with a VDSL and/or satellite/cellular as first and second backups.

If something goes wrong with your primary connection, everything automatically gets moved over to another connection while we investigate and fix the issue. Once fixed, everything gets moved back to the primary connection. We even move your IP addresses and firewall rules between connections, so you don’t have to do anything at all.

We have a range of packages to suit pretty much all budgets, and we supply all the hardware you’ll need to get going. If you’d prefer, most of our connections are available as wires-only too, if you’d rather use your own hardware (though for multiple failover circuits, we generally need to install some CPE before your equipment).

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