Clara Storage Appliance

Clara Storage Appliances are built with ZFS, for reliability and scalability.

Keep Your Data Safe with ZFS

ZFS storage appliances with multi-node and cloud-backed options.

With support for S3, CloudSync, iSCSI, VAAI, Cinder, NFS, SMB, AFP SFTP and SSHFS, we’re confident that we can provide a system that’s compatible with your specific platform.

Clara Storage Appliances are generally supplied as rack-mounted systems, but custom form-factors are available. Depending on your needs, we can arrange multi-node clusters or provide geo-redundant replication and backups on our infrastructure.

Our appliances support pretty much every modern protocol you’re likely to need, and we can also integrate extra services like data synchronisation, cloud storage interfaces and even provide S3-compatible storage endpoints using your own data storage.

We’re more than happy to help you migrate your data to your new appliances and can offer ongoing support and maintenance if you need it – or we can provide documentation and handover support to your own IT team if that’s what you’d prefer.

Our geo-redundant replication and backups are integrated with Clara Cloud Storage and charged per TB per month and include 7 daily snapshots for free, so you’ll only ever pay for what you’re actually using.

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