Umbra Security On Your Existing Kit

All the benefits of Umbra without running any of the cables.

Protect your whole network from dangerous traffic and security threats

Maybe you like the equipment you’ve already got. Maybe you’re running in the cloud and you don’t get a choice. Umbra Gateway can be deployed to most business, enterprise and cloud networking platforms.

Umbra Gateway lets you use our security services and network without replacing any of your existing equipment. The majority of business, cloud and enterprise networking platforms are supported and we provide simple setup instructions. Professional implementation services are also available.

As part of the product, we can also assign you a block of IP addresses to use – this lets you keep your network’s real addresses hidden from the wider internet, and anything your business does online will see our addresses instead. This is great for the mitigation of attacks, as that traffic will be directed to our network where we can deal with it.

We have multiple packages and can provide a customised service if you’ve got some specific needs or unusual equipment.

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