Ready To Plug In

A simple-to-install system that gives big results. If your requirements aren’t too complicated or too vast, our Network in a Box systems can have you up-and-running in barely more time than it takes to rip the packaging open.

Everything you need to get going quick

Every system comes pre-loaded with Umbra DNS and Umbra Gateway. Installation support is available, or we can send an installation team to assist or fully complete the project.

We know that some businesses just need a simple system to run the guest Wi-Fi, or to run your till system. We understand that some businesses don’t have the cash to spend on a large enterprise-grade system. This is where Network In a Box comes in.

Designed to be simple to install and require as little maintenance as possible, Network In a Box could be what your business needs.

This single system is capable of running all your back-office, CPE and guest networks and has hospitality add-ons to allow charging for premium Wi-Fi access. All systems come with Umbra DNS and Umbra Gateway to keep your network secure (and clean).

This can be paired with our connectivity offerings, but we can also configure the system to work with an ISP you’re already in contract with, and we can support multiple ISP connections at the same time to improve reliability or speed.

Generally, Network In a Box is delivered ready to install, but we can provide installation support over the phone, or live chat – and installation teams are available to come to do all the work for you if that’s what you’d prefer.

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